It is rare to find a new orchard or vineyard being developed without a drip or microsprinkler irrigation system. The technology is proven to provide increased crop quantity and quality compared to traditional flood irrigation practices. 

Tree and vine crops benefit greatly from the ability to precisely control the amount of water and nutrients the crop gets. Instead of stressing the crop through cycles of too wet and too dry, a properly managed irrigation system keeps the crop growing strongly. 

Potential costs savings add to the benefits of a drip or microsprinkler irrigation: 

  • reduced labor
  • less applied water
  • less fertilizer waste
  • easier weed control
  • no run off

If you're worried about finding a qualified irrigation company to work with ... don't! The owners of Landmark Irrigation are among the pioneers who brought drip and microsprinkler technology to California's orchards and vineyards. Having designed and installed several hundred thousand acres of irrigation systems in their careers, the owners of Landmark Irrigation bring an unprecedented level of experience to the table every time they meet with a customer. They recognize that each grower has different needs, and can custom design an irrigation system to meet those unique needs.