Landmark Irrigation has over a decade of experience implementing the latest drip irrigation technology into our Central Valley row crops. Whether you grow tomatoes, melons, cotton, peppers, or any other row crop, let us show you how you can get increased returns through higher yields and better quality. 

Drip irrigation, either permanent subsurface or portable above ground, gives you the ability to precisely control the amount of water and nutrients the crop gets. Instead of stressing the crop through cycles of too wet and too dry, a properly managed drip irrigation system keeps the plant growing strongly. Drip irrigation also allows some flexibility in harvest timing. For example, if the tomato cannery delays your picking date, the drip system can be used to give short shots of water to hold the crop without the long reentry delay of a furrow irrigation. 

Drip irrigation offers many ways to save money in your operation:

  • reduced labor
  • less applied water
  • less fertilizer waste
  • easier weed control
  • reduced crop wetting damage
  • no run off

When every penny counts, drip irrigation can help you keep a few more in your pocket.